The Overlook Health Benefits of Exercise

This article talks about the benefits of exercise which are often overlooked.
People believe that working out should lead to weight loss. If weight loss
is not achieved,then one’s exercise routines is not effective. However,
recent studies show that engaging in exercise alone may improve one’s health.


Exercise and nutritious diets are healthy and successful types of weight loss and overall health improvement. Including weight loss, exercise itself may have beneficial effects on cholesterol levels even without weight loss following them. According to a Duke University Medical Center report, this is. The participants in this study did the caloric equivalent of brisk walking or jogging for 12 to 20 miles a week, doing it either in moderation or aggressively. The study indicated that the amount of exercise and not the rate of exercise, in terms of cholesterol levels, would offer major health benefits. You can achieve a healthy heart by exercising because this action is important to the overall health of the blood vessels and the heart. The heart should be able to pump enough blood with daily exercise and provide extra oxygen with improved efficiency. Individuals who do not lose weight through daily exercise should not be discouraged as exercising can be good for themselves. Even if individuals don’t lose weight, physical activity will help them live longer.

Physical activity or exercise can enhance not only one’s physical health but also one’s mental state. Many medical studies point out that exercise, especially aerobic exercise (jogging, brisk walking, and jumping rope) is one of the best stress and anxiety treatments available. This is possible because endogenous morphines or endorphins are produced. There are substances created by the brain that may act as natural pain-killers for the body. It said endorphins could elevate one’s mood, self-esteem, and mental functioning. Endorphin development can be encouraged by taking part in moderate or intense physical activities.

To achieve health benefits exercise should be performed properly and in moderation. People who want to better their health should not exercise like marathoners or even enter a gym. Combined with 30 minutes of jogging or brisk walking, strength training (push-ups, pull-ups, etc.) will keep the body toned and improve metabolism. For little to no resources at all these regimens can be achieved. Many health experts believe the secret to better health is not severity or the use of expensive equipment, but regular physical activity.  Proper exercise can help people feel better, have more energy and become less susceptible to stress. Individuals are advised to seek the guidance of health professionals before taking part in physical activity and making changes in diet regimens. They can prepare a workout routine that is recommended to individuals based on their particular fitness and health conditions.



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