New Safest Ways To Burn 3,500 Calories


One pound of fat has 3,500 calories in it.
So if you cut back or work out only 3,500 calories, you’ll lose a whole pound of fat. While you can decrease your calorie intake and increase your exercise regimen to quickly lose pounds, it is important to note that doctors recommend that you lose no more than 2 pounds of weight per week to ensure that your body adjusts to the weight loss properly.

Here are some tips for safely losing 3,500 from your regular routine:


Running at a slow pace for about 1 hour can help you lose about 350 calories, depending on your body type, speed and terrain. So if you run five days a week for an hour while maintaining a healthy diet, you’ll comfortably lose one pound.

It’s important to understand that many people who just start running will eat pasta and other high-carbohydrate foods to make up for the exertion. They think they deserve a treat, because they worked so hard. After all, the pasta should help keep their energy levels up, they claim.

What they may not know, though, is that while they are justified in believing that the carbs will be energy-infusing their workout routine, they are not actually putting their bodies at a disadvantage.
You add more calories to your body as you consume 350 calories but eat 450 over a high-carbohydrate pasta dish than you would otherwise have.

Nevertheless, running helps boost our metabolism and adjust the muscle tone so you can more effectively burn calories. Choose instead to have a large salad and splurge for the carbohydrate-rich croutons, instead of inhaling a pasta dish after a race.

Food Intake

Not only are you subjecting your body to a range of high-fat, high-calorie foods when you eat out at a restaurant, but you are also forcing yourself to eat a larger portion than you usually would consume. So what a basic 500 calorie meal could be can easily turn into a 1500-calorie fat fest. To lose weight by cutting calories, it’s important to be aware of exactly what you put into your body. Especially at the start of your new routine, it’s important that you prepare your meals and monitor your hunger levels.

Usually you’re in a social situation while dining out, where food isn’t priority-but spending time with your mates.

Hence people tend to eat more than they would normally eat.
Often non-dessert eaters also spring for an extra calorie slice.
If you need to eat it out, help yourself escape temptation by choosing a salad instead of a pasta or burger plate. When you make simple choices like meal alternative, you will be amazed at the difference in the amount of calories you consume.

By reducing your total intake of calories and increasing your physical activity level, you’ll be able to lose those 3,500 calories without much trouble.
Make sure you stay focused, inspired and task-oriented. Unwanted weight you’ll lose in no time!

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