Secrets To Gym Muscle Gain


12 secrets for building muscle mass,
learn what it takes to build muscle super fast, Build muscle fast with these body building secrets.

When you want to gain height stop reading articles from magazines and find a trainer who knows what they’re doing.

Eat organically, you’re what you’re eating (if you’re giving yourself a 59-cent hamburger, you’re giving your body 59-cent muscles that make you look like garbage).

Lift mostly in the 8-12 rep range The tempos should vary from 3-1-3 to 4-1-4 and no more Maximum pain time for each lift will last just 60 sec or less (this is because you want to generate as much Testosterone and Growth Hormone. Do not lift more than 45 min per workout, less at a higher intensity is equal to more.

This would be different if, because of the recovery time, you were on prohormones or water.

If you happen to be more of an endurance athlete, you’ll do better to lift a little higher reps if you’re more of a sprint athlete, you’ll do better to lift a little lower reps of heavier weight if you’re more of a sprint athlete.


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Supplements and other stuff will help to gain mass because we all know what the pros are using and most amateurs in the gym lift.

But it can do so more for you to pursue science than just taking a pill.

If you lift correctly, mass is easy to accumulate, don’t spend years trying to meet your target when you can invest in a trainer who can get you loads of results right now.
Because if they don’t get you results immediately fire them.

Best Supplement to Gain Muscle

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