Build Your Home Gym With Least Possible Equipment

Home training could prove to be a
a good solution for the interested ones.
The success of this type of training could be
comparable to that of gym workout, as long as certain
factors are taken into account.

The first, and most significant of these at the same time, is having the equipment necessary. If, in addition to this, you also have a partner who trains with you, the exercises can be as effective as those carried out in the gym.
Of course, we are now discussing the ideal situation of offering a gym in your own home.

Even if these conditions are met, some practitioners,
particularly the more extrovert may lack the stimulating
the atmosphere, the sharing of experiences, The communication they can find in the fitness center.

For health, what you can do at home is in most cases improvise a room or just a corner of a room. Besides, you have to work by yourself most of the time. Since these are the most frequent situations, we will now be dealing with them. Nevertheless,
it is easier to have regular training at home, rather than interrupting it a lot because the gym is too busy, too far, too costly, etc.
The minimum equipment required for home training includes an adjustable bench, a
set of two dumbbells, with that weights, a barbell, free weights and a fixed bar for pull-ups. This equipment will allow you to both carry out basic exercises
(squats, bench presses, pull-ups, sit-ups, etc.)
And a variety of exercises required to avoid routine.

The key downside of not having a partner
with whom to practice is expressed in the
amount of load in some exercises which can
not achieve its limit. There are many exercises
that can be loaded to the full without any risk,
even if there is no partner for you to support
(pull-ups, dips, shoulder presses, barbell curses, dumbbell curls, etc.).

A benefit that comes from home training is that you
can choose the workout time without any constraint.
For addition, the exercise pace can be greatly increased
if the practitioner wants to perform supersets, tri-sets or
giant sets. You can save time too because you are not bothered

By casual conversation, by waiting for
the machines to be available, by having to
change the weights for each particular series
of exercises, etc. In the extreme case,
when we can only afford mattresses, chairs
and towels as equipment, we can concentrate
on exercises using the weight of the body
(push-ups, reverse push-ups, push-ups between chairs, squats, sit-ups, crunches,
hyperextensions, lunge push-ups, lunge push-ups).
All bodyweight exercises are known to be challenging as they
utilize more stabilizing muscles to maintain strength and balance.
Because of their proven usefulness, the body-weight
exercises are often included in gym programs.
They are also used in special units for training
and testing men, as these, need a lot of strength
and discipline in their training.

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