5 Myths about the Fitness Exercises

1. Sport is for Professionals. That concept only applies to performance sports. It is only possible to acquire the native qualities needed for professional sportsmen (speed, abilities, unique height, etc.), they can not be developed through training. So long as a average person’s aim isn’t success, virtually every sport can be done to keep the body in good shape. It’s more about dosing the exercise you’ve selected and the results are bigger than wear and tear. Even those activities that are considered difficult can be done’ softly’ (tae-bo, mini-triathlon, jogging, etc.).

2. Training¬†is tiring. This principle is valid as long as it applies to absorbing all of your resources (muscular and hepatic glycogen), but it does not mean that training can put you into the state of fatigue that will delay the body’s recovery cycle.

Especially in performance sports, the goal is to provide training that is more productive than stressful, so that the body can get the relaxation required from one training to the next to make qualitative progress.

In exercise the sportsman is spared overexertion even more than in other sports. The teaching must however not become unsuccessful. After a long day, people will come to the gym exhausted, and leave comfortable (physically and psychologically) and not exhausted. This is particularly useful not only for people with sedentary jobs but also for those who do physical work. We could use the preparation by choosing a form of effort that would make up for the one involved in their work.

3. Training takes too long. Again, if applied to results, the concept is valid, which can only be obtained by working a lot. But in this case even quick and very hard training or relaxation and rehabilitation training is frequently carried out. In fitness, you can get to 20-minute preparation, working only super-series of fast exercises that might include all the muscles, directly or indirectly.
Nevertheless, daily preparation does not take longer than an hour and a half.
Then, as the cortisone secretions ‘ cannibalize’ the muscles the body will fall into the catabolic faze.

4. Any type of exercise is perfect for problem-solving. What is valid in this applies to such common situations such as excess adipose tissue. If this is maintained long enough, this tissue can be’ melted’ by some kind of aerobic exercise (running, cycling, swimming) It was evident even in these situations that certain activities are more successful than others. There are times where you can only get the results you want from a mixture of exercises with a certain amount of each. Moreover, doing the same exercise all the time can lead not only to a loss of balance in the antagonistic muscles and joints involved in training but also to a pause or even a pause to progress.

5. Are you aging? No more drills! This is only true if we are referring to very challenging activities (really heavy weights, fast running, jumping, etc.).

There are several activities designed to fit various ages. The aim is to preserve and enhance health and physical shape as well. The creation of movement parameters for older people especially relates to muscle and cardio-vascular resistance as well as joint mobility.

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